1. Gantry wheel plates

First put together 14 wheels, with 28 bearings and 28 shims:

Then for each gantry wheel plate get 7 M5 30mm screws with M5 lock nuts and shims, 4 6mm spacers and 3 eccentric spacers:

Use the eccentric spacers in the bottom row:

And the round spacers for the top row:

And use shims between the M5 lock nuts and the gantry plates:

Do this for both plates, but mirrored:

Now, you can add 9 M5 10mm screws with t-nuts at both gantry plates:

2. Construct the gantry structure

Attach the 500mm rails now:

You can slide the rails up until the marking on the gantry plates, and then tighten the screws:

And prepare the gantry corner brackets, again 10 M5 10mm screws and 10 t-nuts for each gantry corner bracket:

And attach them to the other end of the 500mm rails:

You can again slide them until the marking, and then tighten the M5 screws:

And now you can roll them onto the tracks – check the direction in relation to the track that has the drag chain brackets:

You can also now prepare the gantry corner brackets to accommodate the main beam, with M5 10mm screws and 40mm nut bars:

And prepare the main beam with cable carriers, supported with M5 10mm screws and 40mm nut bars:

And attach 4 of these to the main beam – via the middle slot:

If you have an XL version, then join 2 beam extrusions.

You can now attach the main beam to the gantry corner brackets and then tighten the screws:

And finally attach the x axis cable carrier:

3. Attach the drivetrain

Use M3 12mm screws to attach the 2 motors and their housing to the gantry corner brackets, and also then put a pulley on them:

Then use the belts to put over the pulleys and via the inside of the 500mm rails go to the tracks, where they can be attached at the ends with the belt clips, and belt sleeves and an M5 10mm screw and t-nut:

The belt sleeve should be put on the belt first before attaching the belt clip: