(Mobile) raised bed

Please note, the description here is for a mobile raised bed. For fixed raised bed, or for direct installation in the ground without bed, please follow the descriptions here: https://genesis.farm.bot/v1.6/assembly/supporting-infrastructure

Also note: the mobile raised bed is not suitable for the XL version.

Things you’ll need:

Items you need for this step vary depending, but we used this configuration:

1Box of various wood screws
2Long planks for the side walls (these can be up to 3000mm) – we used 250mm high and 25 wide
2Planks (same as the previous long planks) for the short / top and bottom walls (these can be up to 1480mm minus the width of 2 wall planks)  – we used lengths of 1220mm as this corresponds with the multiplex used for the floor panels
3/4Floor panels for flooring of the mobile bed. We used a nautical “Oukume” multiplex plate(s) of 1220×2440 that was (were) cut into different pieces.
4Legs – we used 70x70x450mm legs
Floor supports – we used 40x40mm
4 Caster wheels


  1. Attach floor supports

Attach the 40×40 floor supports under the floor panels at various places where you want to have the bed / floor panels supported to the surrounding structure:

2. Attach the short walls

For the short (the top and bottom of the table) walls, we cut the planks to the same length as the floor panels:

And then we attach these to the floor supports so that the bed’s floor is somewhat in the middle of the walls:

3. Attach the long walls

Do the same with the long panels – these can be up to 3000mm:

Don’t put in the middle floor panel(s) yet:

3. Attach the legs

Attach the legs and the caster wheels

4. Put the remaining floor panel(s)

These can be reinforced from the bottom if needed:


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