1. Attach horizontal cable carrier supports

Use the M5 10mm screws and 40mm nut bars.

Use 6 of these cable carrier supports per 1500mm of extrusion, and attach them to the lower slot:

Prepare two such extrusions as they will be joined together in a next step

2. Attach track end plates

At the end of the long wooden walls of the bed, attach the track end plates – and the marking should be in line withe top of the wooden plan:

Do this for the 4 corners

And attach M5 nuts, with M5 10mm screws on the top holes:

3. Attach track joining plates

Where the extrusions will be joined, add a track joining plate:

Do this at both sides, where the tracks will join.

Then prepare a 100mm nut bar with 2 M5 10mm screws:

And attach it to the track joining plates:

4. Attach the extrusions

And make them join:

And at one side, there will be the extrusions with the cable carrier support: