Queenbee Z axis assembly


1. The linear rails

Use the M3 10mm screws and the M3 sliding (or post insertion) nuts.

Attach them then to the 250mm C beam:

And slide on the MGN15 bearings – be careful not to loose the bearing balls:

Then put the flanged bearings into the end plates:

And attach the end plates at the end of the C beam, with M5 15mm screws:

The flange of the flanged bearings should be inside:


2. Z gantry

Attach the anti backlash nut bloc to the Z plate with some space in-between: either by using the plastic spacer block, or else by using spacer and shims totalling 17mm:

Use 2 M5 lock nuts and 2 35mm (or 40mm) screws for attaching that anti-backlash nut block.

And then connect the Z plate to the bearings (the anti backlash nut facing into the C beam), by using M3 x 12mm small head screws:


3. The leadscrew

Use the 8 leadsrew, with at both ends an 8mm precision shim and 8mm lock collar:

But put them on, only when the leadscrew is inserted into the assembly:

And then put it onto the flange of the flanged bearing:

Do this at both ends and make sure there is a bit sticking out at the end plate that has 4 tapped holes, this will be to connect the coupler for the motor:


4. Mate the Z plate with the X plate

Use screws with a 15 to 20mm screw length – the motor side of the Z axis should be at the top: