Y axis C Beams (continued)

At the side where you will attach the Y axis motors:

Take a 10mm collar with the two precision hex screws:

Fit in the two precision hex screws:
Place it over the other end of the screws:
Then take a 10mm precision shim:
Also place it over the screw:
Then take a 10mm ID 16mm OD bearing:
Also place it over the screw:
Don’t worry if the bearing does feel difficult to slide on the part behind the M10x1 thread. When you’ll screw the end plate on, it will automatically slide on that part.
And then take an end plate, to attach it to the rail and with the screw through the hole in the plate. Watch the orientation of the countersink / indent where the bearing needs to fit in: orient this towards the inside (this is different from the leadscrew assembly instructions):
Then add the 8mm ID thrust bearing:
Take the M10*1 collar:
And use it to bring the ballscrew under tension
You may have to block the collar to be able to turn the M10*1:
And use the flexible couplers, 65mm screws, 40mm spacers and 9mm spacers to attach the stepper motors


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