same as x carve instructions (just other order of steps here)

Now you can slide the 2040 makerslides over the wheels on the side plates at both ends of the gantry. Please pay close attention to the orientation of the slot on the makerslide, as in the pictures:

Adjust the eccentric spacers if it’s too difficult to slide the side plates over the makerslides:

Then put the gantry over the work area:

And slide in two T slot nuts at each makerslide on each sie:

Put also two T slot nuts on each corner, in the 2020 rails of the work area base:

We will use these T slot nuts to attach the corner plates, with M5 8mm button head screws:

And then you can use M5 12mm button head screws to attach the makerslides (you will need to lift them up):

Do this at the four corners.