Spindle mount

Items you need for this step:


1spindle mount or universal spindle plate
4button head cap screws M5 40mm (or 45mm)
4v wheel assemblies (assemble these out of 2 bearings, a v wheel shell and a presicion shim like in the previous steps)
2eccentric spacers (long ones)
2flat washer M5
2aluminium spacers 9mm
4nylon insert lock nut M5



button head cap screws M4 10mm or longer


socket head cap screws M4

button head cap screws M5 16mm
same as x carve instructions

Attach the 4 remaining v wheels to the spindle mount, as in the picture below: at one side, you’ll use the eccentric spacers to create a 9mm space between the wheels and the mount and at the other side, you’ll use the normal spacers.

At the side where you’ll use the eccentric spacers, you can also use M5 flat washers between the aluminium of the spindle mount, and the nylon insert lock nuts if you like.

Attach M4 screws – do not tighten yet (the spindle still needs to fit in):

And attach the spindle mount to the ACME delrin nut with M5 16mm button head screws