Full parts bundle for Queenbee style CNC (UC300 for Mach3 with 4 stepper drivers)


Available on backorder

Version for Mach3 with UC300

With ballscrews for X, Y and Z, instead of leadscrews

Pictures coming soon


Queenbee Pro CNC Plates set1
V-slot 20407 (note some custom size)
V-slot 20803
Z axis C beam1
X axis C beam1 (note custom size)
Y axis C beam2
HGH15CA linear bearing10
HGR15 linear guide 895mm2
HGR15 linear guide 995mm4
HGH15CA linear bearing4
HGR15 linear guide 245mm2
Z axis leadscrew1
X axis ballscrew1 (note custom size)
Y axis ballscrew1
Anti backlash nut blok1
Ballscrew SFU 1204 nuts3
68822 bearing5
1016 bearing2
1016 flanged bearing1
F10-16m thrust bearing3
Flexible coupler4
M10*1 precision nut3
90 degree angle corners12
Double L bracket12
6mm spacers10
40mm spacers16
10mm lock collar3
8mm lock collar2
M3 sliding t nut12
M4 sliding t nut148
M5 t nut84
M5 nylon lock nut14
8mm low profile screw68
10mm low profile screw28
15mm low profile screw40
20mm low profile screw24
35mm low profile screw2
45mm low profile screw4
50mm low profile screw4
55mm low profile screw12
M3 10 Button head screw20
M3 12 Button head screw16
M4 12 Button head screw52
M4 16 Button head screw148
M3 Drop in t nut10
M4 Drop in t nut10
M5 Drop in t nut10
2040 end cap4
M5 20 socket head screw4
2.45Nm Nema23 motor4
Drag chain bundle (mounts, screws, drag chains)2
2.2kW water cooled spindle (inverter, spindle, ER20 collets, water pump, hose)1
80mm spindle mount1
Cable 4core shielded1
UC300 4 axis version1
Stepper motor cable X1
Stepper motor cable Y11
Stepper motor cable Y21
Stepper motor cable Z1
Limit switch cable X2 (note extra)
Limit switch cable Y2 (note extra)
Limit switch cable Z2 (note extra)
Limit switch kits6 (note 3 extra than normal)
Emergency stop and box1
Meanwell 24V power supply1
Stepper motor driver TB66004
Power cable1
USB cable1



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