TR10*2 leadscrew upgrade (for one rail) (excludes leadscrew)




  • 2x TR10*2 (right) delrin nut (attached pictures) with M5 drillings to fit Workbee plates
  • 2x 10mm inner diameter trust bearing (attached picture)
  • 2x 10mm inner diameter shim
  • 2x 10mm inner diameter 16mm outer diameter bearing
  • 1x Flexible coupler 6.35mm to 10mm
  • 4x 10mm lock collar
  • 1x TR10*2 trapezoidal nut
  • 4x 6mm spacers
  • 4x Openbuilds low profile 55mm screws (replacing 50mm screws)

These components not only allow to replace the leadscrew, but also allow to put them under tension (“tingle tension system”)

Does not include:

  • TR10*3 (right) leadscrew (can often be found domestically) – when you order one yourself, do not forget to take it a bit longer than the actual length of an axis (i.e. 57mm longer). Also note: the components above are for TR10 (trapezoidal leadscrew) and not for M10!


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