Limit switches

Start with the Z axis limit switch.

The Z axis limit switch needs a long cable.

The Z axis limit switch is by far the most annoying one to place:

Here is a detail picture of the X carriage, when it’s not sitting on the X axis rail, to see where it is placed:

There are two holes to attach the limit switch, but some people may actually choose to glue it as it has an annoying position to reach

If the two holes there do not have M3 thread, then tap these first with M3 tap

The Z axis limit switch can be put in the drag chain together with the Z axis and X axis motor, and the spindle cable:

Now we do the X axis limit switch.

This switch needs a moderately long cable

The X axis limit switch is easier to place – take a little bag with the little black plate and prepare it like thise:

The post insertion M5 nut should not be tightened yet:

And place it at the top of the X axis rail, at the side of the Y axis drag chain (in our case, at the left side of the X axis, when seen from the front):

Test if it sits ok – the X carriage should be able to make contact with it:

And the second drag chain can be closed as well now – as the Y axis limit switch will not travel through any drag chain:

Take another bag with the little plate for the Y axis drag chain – the Y axis drag chain limit switch needs a short cable only:

And prepare it:

And position it in the bottom left:

That’s all!



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