Steps for workbee

Setting up a Duet2Wifi controller can be intimidating.

But it shouldn’t be. We prepare the SD card for when you get a Duet2Wifi as part of a kit from us, but if you want to prepare a “naked” or new SD card then these are the steps:

• Take the on-board SD card out and put it in a computer

• Delete any existing firmware files in /sys (also Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin and DuetWiFiServer.bin)

• Dowload the latest version from

• Unzip the file you just downloaded

• Open the unzipped file “Workbee-Firmware-v1”. You see Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin and DuetWiFiServer.bin binary files there

• Copy the new Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin and DuetWiFiServer.bin binary files to the /sys folder of the SD card.

• In the unzipped file “Workbee-Firmware-v1”, go to the folder “System-Settings”. Go to “Workbee-Screw-Drive”. Go to “750×1000” or the size of your machine.

• Copy these files into the /sys folder of the SD cars. You see (among others) a iap4e.bin binary file there, don’t forget this one.

• Open the unzipped file “Workbee-Firmware-v1” again (top folder). You see

• Unzip

• Delete any existing firmware files in /www folder of the sd card and copy the content of the unzipped file in there

• You may wish to remove or keep the files in /macros and /gcode folder, depending if they relate to your machine or not

• Eject/safely remove the SD card from the PC

• Put the SD card in the Duet 2 WiFi

• Restart the Duet 2 WiFi and connect with Pronterface or YAT. Or use Mac OSX terminal (Run ls /dev/tty.* Copy the result that has USB in the name. For example; /dev/tty.usbmodem1411. and then run screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 115200 (depending on the result of previous step).

• Send command M997 S0 to install the firmware.

• Press the Disconnect button in Pronterface, then when the USB port disappears and reappears about 20 seconds later, press Connect.

• Send M115 to confirm the new firmware version

• Check that the version is at least 2.03 or higher

• Send M997 S1 to install the WiFi module firmware

• Check the status of the Wifi Module by sending command “M552” to Duet

• If Duet returns Wifi or Ethernet module is disabled, put it into idle mode it by sending command “M552 S0”. If it returns Wifi or Ethernet module is idle, proceed to the next step.

• Send M587 S”your-network-name” P”your-password”

• Send command M552 S1 to connect to WiFi.

• After a moment, Duet will confirm the connection and the IP address of the Duet controller.

• Take note of this IP Address as it will be needed to access the Web Control in the next step.

• Go to Duet Web Control on that IP address in a web browser


Finally, some notes:

• The jumpers on the plug below z may be missing so you may have to plug them in

• the config.g file has standard config values, that you may want or need to change. For instance if you use TR10 leadscrews, you may change the microstepping to X4 Y4 Z4 instead of X16 Y16 Z16



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