Covid-19 message

*** UPDATE June *** – Unfortunately we are still experiencing long delays from suppliers and some deliveries are taking longer than normal.


Dear customer,


First of all, we wish that you are safe and sound during these strange and difficult times.

During the past 2 months of this pandemic whirlwind, we had encountered something we have never experienced before.

We hold ourselves against the highest standards available at all times, but even then was it not always possible to flawlessly execute on that (often caused by restricted access to workshop and warehouse). We processed orders from limited stock at home as we decided to take some stock home just before the lockdown.

Delivery services worked hard to deliver packages, but sometimes could not provide the same service as we were used to before. We saw some limited incidents of delayed inbound deliveries (Makita routers – 10 weeks, and drag chains stuck somewhere between Germany and France) or some outbound packages that got delayed or ended up at weird places (one package for Europe is en route to Australia, one package for Sweden went to The Netherlands, one package got missing in France and one package for the Nordics only made it halfway before it was returned by the parcel service).

We believe that the situation is improving.

Our goal is to ensure that every customer during that time will in the end be served to the highest standard. Over the next days, access to the warehouse and workshop will be restored. If you are still waiting for an item or a replacement, or if an item got lost on the way, then it will soon become possible again to re-send that again. Delays may still be possible, and we may still ask you for some patience.

We ask for your continued patience and understanding of the current situation. And trust that we are working tirelessly to offer the service you deserve.


Many thanks for your support and understanding!


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