X-carriage assembly

here, all same as workbee instructions

Items you need for this step:

1Z plate
1X plate back
1X plate front
20v wheel assembly from previous step
6M5 low profile 30mm screw
9eccentric spacer 6mm
96mm aluminium spacer
22mini precision shim
15M5 nylon insert lock nut
1ACME nut block
2M5 low profile 25mm screw
4M5 low profile 25mm screw
66mm aluminium spacer
1GT3 pulley
1NEMA23 stepper motor
99mm aluminium spacer
7M5 low profile 60mm screw


Attach 6 V wheel assemblies to the Z plate with 30mm screws – and at one side of the plate, use 6mm spacers with a precision shim, whereas at the other side, use eccentric spacers with a precision shim:

Now use 25mm screws to attach the ACME nut block – and position 3mm spacers and precision shims between the ACME nut block and the Z plate:

Use 20mm screws to attach a stepper motor the X back plate, and put a 3 mm spacer between the motor and the plate:


Attach the X front plate, in the same way as you did for the Y axis plates:

Now is also a goo moment to attach the Z axis limit switch as it’s easier to reach now:

And attach the Z plate to the X front plate with 20mm screws: