The connector layout on the backside:


The four connectors on the top row, are from left to right:

  • X axis motor
  • Y1 motor
  • Y2 motor
  • Z axis motor

The connectors on the bottow row are from left to right:

  • The limit switch connector (x limit switch 2-wire cable, y limit switch 2-wire cable, z limit switch 2-wire cable, probe 2-wire cable)
  • The auxiliary devices connector (mist 2-wire cable, flood 2-wire cable, spindle PWM signal / spindle 0-10V signal / ground)

For instance, if you want to control a 220V spindle with the controller, then have a solid state relay connected to the spindle PWM signal and the ground:

Also make sure that you have set in easel (or other software that you use) that you use “automatic” spindle control, or at least that the software is supposed to send a spindle on/off command. With PWM – this can also be done by entering a high enough value – for instance 12000 will basically result in the solid state relay behaving as on/off: