Software and GRBL settings

The controller works with a number of softwares; for instance:

Universal Gcode Sender:


Lightburn (for lasering):

Your computer may require a driver to use the controller:

  • If you work with the online easel software, then it will also prompt you to install a driver. It may thereafter also prompt you to do “Machine setup” as well, which is fine if you use the controller with an x carve style CNC – if not, then it may alter some settings that are crucial for your machine and then you may need to change them thereafter again: you can do this under “Machine” => “Advanced” => “Machine inspector”
  • You may also benefit from downloading the Arduino software, especially if your computer would otherwise not readily communicate with the controller (this is the case with windows in most cases)

Here you find information on the GRBL settings; should you wish or need to change them: